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20 Ways to Ask For Help

20 Ways to Ask for Help

20 Ways to Ask For Help

Could you give me a hand?
Could you lend me a hand?
Could you help me out?
Could someone help me, please? 
Could you do me a favour?
Can I ask you a favour?
Can you help me, please?
Would you mind helping me, please?
Do me a solid, won’t you?
Is it possible for you to…?
I need a favor, please!
I need your support
I need a helping hand
I need a little help
I would be grateful for any help you could offer
If it doesn’t take too much time, would you please…?
If you’re okay with it, would you please…?
I would appreciate a little assistance with this
Please help me get through this minor calamity
Helping me right now would be the ultimate act of kindness

Tips For Asking For Help

  • Be grateful
  • Be clear about what you want
  • Know what you need help with
  • Offer something in return
  • Show that they are the right person to help



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