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English Grammar for Competitive Exams: Examples Set No.3

English Grammar for Competitive Exams Examples Set No.3
English Language has become more and more common in the world. It has become more dominant as well as worldwide language. Increasingly, people are studying English as their second language.
English has become an indispensable and scoring segment of Competitive Exams. Competitive exams are well-structured to understand our proficiency as well as comprehension of English. They test candidate’s verbal skills, on the basis of various questions or activities on different Grammar topics like Parts of Speech, Tenses, Voices, Degrees, Types of sentences, Reported speech etc. Here, candidate’s grammatical knowledge, understanding and skills are tested quite systematically and competently.
We have designed various exam-based Examples-Sets for the better practice and study of English Grammar for Competitive Exams. We hope that these Examples-Sets will definitely help every aspirant to study English Grammar with perfect direction.

Examples Set No.3

1. Which of the following alternatives would be equivalent to the following sentence?
‘Ramesh is as tall as Dinesh.’
i. Dinesh is taller than Ramesh.
ii. Dinesh is so tall as Ramesh is not.
iii. Dinesh is not taller than Ramesh.
iv. None of the above.
2. The superlative degree of the word  ‘Costly’ is _____________
i. Costler
ii. Costlest
iii. Costlier
iv. Costliest
3. ‘This newspaper is not more popular than some other newspapers.’
Identify the correct Positive Degree of the sentence.
i. Some newspapers are at least as popular as this newspaper.
ii. Very few newspapers are as popular as some newspapers.
ii. Some newspapers are not less popular than this newspaper.
iv. This newspaper is not more popular than some other newspapers are.
4. The following sentence is divided into three groups: a,b,and c. Identify the group in which you find a mistake. If you don’t find any mistake, your answer should be ‘No error’.
a. David is  b. more smarter than  c. most other students  d. No error
Answer options:
i. a       ii. b      iii. c      iv. d
5. Choose the correct alternative to correct the following sentence.
‘It is coolest place in India.
i. It is the coolest places in India.
ii. It is coolest than any other boy in India.
iii. It is the coolest place in India.
iv. It is the most coolest place in India.
6. Use positive degree.
‘He is more eligible than me.’
i. I am not so eligible as him.
ii. He is more eligible.
iii. He is eligible, not me.
iv. None of the above.
7. ‘The more carefully you listen, _____________.’
Choose the correct option.
i. You understand more.
ii. More you understand.
iii. Your understanding is more.
iv. The more you understand.
8. ‘Lead is more useful than silver.’
Rewrite the sentence using ‘less’ without changing the meaning.
i. Lead is less useful than silver.
ii. Silver is less useful than lead.
iii. Less useful is silver than lead.
iv. Less useful lead is lead than silver.
9. ‘Very few girls are as active as she is.’
Change the degree of comparison.
i. She is one of the most active girl.
ii. She is one of the most active girls.
iii. She is the most active girl.
iv. She is one of the few active girls.
10. Which of the following is the correct usage?
i. He is more clever than any other man in his company.
ii. He is more cleverer than many other men in his company.
iii. He is cleverer than any other man in his company.
iv. He most clever than any other man in his company.
11. ‘Kalidas is the greatest of Sanskrit poets.’
Change into the comparative degree.
a. Kalidas is as great as other Sanskrit poet.
b. Kalidas is the greatest Sanskrit poet.
c. Kalidas is greater than any other Sanskrit poet.
d. Kalidas is the best Sanskrit poet.
Which of the statements given above is correct?
i. a only
ii. b and d only
iii. c only
iv. none of the above
12. Fill in the blanks:
‘Between John and James, _________________.’
i. John is tallest
ii. John is very tall
iii. John is taller
iv. John is more tall
13. Change the sentence into positive degree.
‘Hamlet is greater than any other tragedy in English.’
i. Hamlet is the greatest tragedy in English.
ii. No other tragedy in English is so great as Hamlet.
iii. No other tragedies of English is great like Hamlet.
iv. Hamlet is the greatest tragedy of English.
14. Fill in the blank with the grammatically correct option.
‘China is larger than India, but between the two, India is ________ interesting country.’
i. the most
ii. most
iii. more
iv. the more
15. ‘This project is unique.’
Change the degree of comparison of the sentence given above.

a. This is the uniquest project.
b. This is the most unique project.
c. This project is uniquer than all others.
d. This project is more unique than all other.
Answer options:
i. Only b and d are correct
ii. All are correct
iii. Only a and c are correct
iv. None is correct
16. ‘Amitabh Bachchan is the best actor in Bollywood.’
Choose an option giving the comparative degree of the underlined adjective.
i. No other actor in Bollywood is as good as Amitabh Bachchan.
ii. All actors in Bollywood are inferior to Amitabh Bachchan.
iii. Amitabh Bachchan is better than any other actor in Bollywood.
iv. None of the above.
17. Which of the following sentences is correct?
i. Robert is best than Joseph in Maths.
ii. Between the two, this idea is greatest.
iii. Mumbai is hot than Nashik.
iv. He works hard for his living.
18. Pick out the incorrect part of the following sentence.
‘Bhagat Singh was one of the greatest Indian freedom fighter.’
i. Bhagat Singh was
ii. greatest
iii. one of the
iv. Indian freedom fighter
19. ‘John is the cleverest of all students in the class.
The above sentence has been rewritten below, changing the degree of the underlined adjective. Choose the grammatically correct option:
a. John is cleverer than any other student in the class.
b. John is cleverer than other students in the class.
c. No one is clever as John in the class.
d. John is cleverer than any other students in the class.
i. Only a is correct
ii. Only c is correct
iii. Only b is correct
iv. Only d is correct
20. Pick out the wrong sentence from the following.
i. Of all qualities, honesty is the best.
ii. He is a selfish.
iii. Take as many mangoes as you want.
iv. He prefers running to working out in the gym.

1. iii,  2. iv,  3. i,  4. ii,  5. iii,  6. i,  7. iv,  8. ii,  9. ii,  10. iii,  11. iii,  12. iii,  13. ii,  14. iii,  15. iv,  16. iii,  17. iv,  18. iv,  19. i,  20. ii.

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