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Importance of English Speaking Today

Importance of English Speaking Today

Imagine that you want to participate in an important conference on Environment or you want to seek admission in an International University or if you want to talk to your friends regarding a Spanish Web Series on OTT, you will need to choose English as your language of communication. English has become a language of trade and commerce, education and entertainment, science and technology over the years. Without a doubt, English is the most spoken language in the world. Across the different fields, English is the language of choice for communication. This underlines the importance of speaking English.

  • English is the language of Knowledge: All knowledge ranging from literature to medical science is available in English. The knowledge from the ancient languages like Latin, Sanskrit, Greek and French has been translated by English scholars. English has thus, become the language of Science & Technology. By speaking English, you can woo the knowledge from all the plethora of information.

  • Get more audience: English is the language understood almost around the world. If you speak up your mind in this language, you will get more audience. It enables you to extend your creativity to the largest possible audience. Therefore, you will find the motion pictures and Web Series originally produced in different languages like Korean, Spanish and German often dubbed in English or at least, shown with English subtitles.

  • Find more friends & establish good network: Since English is the language of Education and Business in most of the countries, if you are good at speaking English, you will be able to find more friends and establish a good network of the people for yourself. English is called lingua-franca i.e., ‘language of friends’ or ‘Frankish language’. English is a flexible language. It could be understood even if spoken in a broken way. That’s why, it has become popular. One can use it to the effect, if spoken well.

  • Sound smarter & get the edge: Though debatable, we got to believe that in the situation where English is not the first language, English speaking people are looked upon as smarter and given the edge over others. They are the first choice when to represent an organization at various situations. Hence, English speaking people can make themselves more opportunities available.

  • Access various cultures & acknowledge more people: If you are interested in making contact with the people from other cultures, English will definitely help you in doing so. As mentioned earlier, even spoken in a broken way, it could be understood. One of the features of English is its pidgin forms. In it, when two speakers of different languages try to find a mutually understandable language, they often tend to use grammar of their mother tongue and the words from the other language. In these efforts, they mingle two languages together.

The importance of speaking English is ever-increasing in today’s world. There is no any limit to it. Because of globalization, the world has become the ‘Global Village’ and English has become the ‘Global Language’.


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