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English Grammar for Competitive Exams: Examples Set No.2

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English Language has become more and more common in the world. It has become more dominant as well as worldwide language. Increasingly, people are studying English as their second language.
English has become an indispensable and scoring segment of Competitive Exams. Competitive exams are well-structured to understand our proficiency as well as comprehension of English. They test candidate’s verbal skills, on the basis of various questions or activities on different Grammar topics like Parts of Speech, Tenses, Voices, Degrees, Types of sentences, Reported speech etc. Here, candidate’s grammatical knowledge, understanding and skills are tested quite systematically and competently.
We have designed various exam-based Examples-Sets for the better practice and study of English Grammar for Competitive Exams. We hope that these Examples-Sets will definitely help every aspirant to study English Grammar with perfect direction.

Examples Set No.2

1. a. It has been raining heavily since last night.
…  b. She went to temple yesterday.
    c. They have worked last month.
Select the correct sentence/s.
i. only a
ii. only c
iii. only b
iv. only a and b
2. Choose the correct alternatives to fill in the blanks in the given sentences.
    a. She _____ forgiven him many times.
…. b. She _____ living with him for a couple of days.
i. has, has been
ii. has, has
iii. has been, has
iv. did, has been
3. Choose the correct alternative to complete the sentence meaningfully.
‘He _____ a great deal of time for playing video games recently.’
i. has wasted
ii. waste
ii. wasted
iv. has been wasted
4. Which one of the following sentences expresses a planned action in near future?
i. We are leaving for the office shortly.
ii. We shall leave for the office shortly.
iii. We will be leaving for the office shortly.
iv. We will leave for the office shortly.
5. Complete the sentence choosing the correct alternative.
‘The children went home as they _____ playing.
i. have finished
ii. had been finished
iii. finished
iv. had finished
6. Fill in the blank with the correct option given below.
‘Either the girls or the salesman _______ ringing the doorbell.’
i. were
ii. are
iii. is
iv. has
7. Select the correct sentence/s.
i. She is here since few days.
ii. She has been here for few days.
iii. She has been here since Monday.
iv. Both ii & iii above are correct.
8. The following sentence has an error. Correct it by choosing an appropriate alternative.
‘The players are playing cricket since morning.’
i. The players were playing cricket since morning.
ii. The players had been playing cricket since morning.
iii. The players have been playing cricket since morning.
iv. The players are playing cricket since morning.
9. Choose the correct alternative.
She [is to meetwould meet, was to meet, was to have met] me on Saturday, but that day, she had a major accident. So, she was hospitalized immediately.
i. is to meet
ii. was to meet
iii. would meet
iv. was to have met
10. Choose the correct alternative to complete the sentence.
‘How long have you been watching T.V?’
I _________ T.V for three hours.
i. have been watching
ii. watched
iii. was watching
iv. have watched
11. Which of the following sentences may indicate a future event?
     a. He is going to Pune this evening.
……b. He will reach there by 11.00pm.
……c. He should leave early to catch the train.
……d. The train is arriving shortly.
i. Only a and b
ii. Only a, b, and d
iii. only b
iv. All the above
12. Identify the tense of the underlined verb.
‘They have had their dinner little earlier.
i. Present continuous
ii. Present perfect continuous
iii. Simple present
iv. Present perfect
13. Fill in the blank with the correct tense form.
‘I _________ you are right.’
i. am thinking
ii. have been thinking
iii. think
iv. was thinking
14. Choose the correct alternative and fill in the blank with correct verb form.
‘Joseph _________ of this property till he was alive.’
i. was taking care
ii. has been taking care
iii. is taking care
iv. will be taking care
15. Fill in the blank with correct tense form.
‘John_________ the whole day yesterday.’
i. studying
iii. studies
iv. had studied
16. Choose the correct alternative for the underlined word.
‘He is the CEO of this company since its establishment ten years ago.’
i. had been
ii. was
iii. has been
iv. was been
17. Identify the sentence in which verb structure is used wrongly.
     a. He committed a big mistake.
……b. He has been working since morning.
……c. He gets up early in the morning.
……d. He did an error.
i. a and d only
ii. d only
iii. a, b, and d only
iv. None of the above
18. Change into simple past.
‘He drinks and beats his wife every day.’
i. He is drinking and beating his wife every day.
ii. He was drinking and beating his wife every day.
iii. He had drunk and beaten his wife every day.
iv. He drank and beat his wife every day.
19. ‘If he had ______ (study) well, he would have ______ (pass) the examination.’
Use appropriate forms of the verbs in the bracket.
i. studying, passed
ii. studied, passed
iii. been studied, passing
iv. studying, passing
20. ‘He had ______ before he was taken to the hospital.’
Choose the correct verb form from the following alternatives to fill in the blank.
i. die
ii. dies
iii. died
iv. been died

1. iv,  2. i,  3. i,  4. i,  5. iv,  6. iii,  7. iv,  8. iii,  9. iv,  10. i,  11. iv,  12. iv,  13. iii,  14. i,  15. ii,  16. iii,  17. ii,  18. iv,  19. ii,  20. iii.

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