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English Grammar for Competitive Exams: Examples Set No.1

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English Language has become more and more common in the world. It has become more dominant as well as worldwide language. Increasingly, people are studying English as their second language.
English has become an indispensable and scoring segment of Competitive Exams. Competitive exams are well-structured to understand our proficiency as well as comprehension of English. They test candidate’s verbal skills, on the basis of various questions or activities on different Grammar topics like Parts of Speech, Tenses, Voices, Degrees, Types of sentences, Reported speech etc. Here, candidate’s grammatical knowledge, understanding and skills are tested quite systematically and competently.
We have designed various exam-based Examples-Sets for the better practice and study of English Grammar for Competitive Exams. We hope that these Examples-Sets will definitely help every aspirant to study English Grammar with perfect direction.

Examples Set No.1

1. Identify the correct sentence.
i. They have been working since morning.
ii. They are working since morning.
iii. They work since morning.
iv. They worked since morning.
2. Choose the correct option.
‘The engineer said that he _____ the project before the end of the month.’
i. will finish
ii. would finish
iii. was finishing
iv. will be finishing
3. Which verb will be suitable to fill in the blank?
‘My granny still _____ a very good eye-sight.’
i. is
ii. has
ii. will be
iv. has been
4. ‘If he _________ (study) hard, he would have passed the exam.’
Fill in the blank with the appropriate tense form of the verb given in the brackets.
i. would have studied
ii. had studied
iii. studied
iv. would study
5. Choose the correct sentence from the following.
i. He had left the office before I reached there.
ii. He left the office before I reached there.
iii. He will leave the office before I reached there.
iv. He was leaving the office before I reached there.
6. Choose appropriate form of the verb to fill in the blank.
‘He saw children _________ (play) on the ground.’
i. will play
ii. will be playing
iii. were playing
iv. playing
7. Identify the tense form and time expressed in the following sentences:
‘Are you going home now?’
‘They are going to visit Delhi soon.’
i. Future, simple present
ii. Present perfect, future
iii. Present continuous, future
iv. Future, present perfect
8. Identify the correct sentence.
    a. He has worked for twelve hours yesterday.
    b. She has had her breakfast.
i. Both ‘a’ and ‘b’ are correct
ii. Only ‘b’ is correct
iii. Only ‘a’ is correct
iv. Both ‘a’ and ‘b’ are incorrect
9. Point out the sentence that has the correct use of tense.
i. John got up at 6 O’clock every morning.
ii. John is getting up at 6 O’clock every morning.
iii. John gets up at 6 O’clock every morning.
iv. John was getting up 6 O’clock every morning.
10. ‘The patients of Covid-19 _________ rapidly.’
Fill in the blank with an acceptable form of the verb given below.
i. increase
ii. have risen
iii. are rising
iv. have been rising
11. Fill in the blanks.
‘Do not plague her mind, she _________ her homework.’
i. does
ii. did
iii. will do
iv. is doing
12. Choose the most correct sentence.
i. We stopped there for a week.
ii. We left there for a week.
iii. We lived there for a week.
iv. We stayed there for a week.
13. Choose the correct alternative.
‘The cheque _________ by William.’
i. has cashed
ii. was cashed
iii. had been cashed
iv. none of above
14. Choose the incorrect sentence/s.
a. Why did you disconnect my call?
b. She has passed the M.B.A degree examination in 2000.
c. She passed the M.B.A degree examination in 2000.
i. a only
ii. b only
iii. a and b
iv. b and c
15. Fill in the blank with an acceptable form of the verb given in the options.
‘My sister _________ many books on this subject.’
i. have
ii. is wanting
iii. has
iv. want
16. ‘The committee members are going to take decision on this soon.’
The underlined expression in the above sentence reveals _________.
i. Possible future
ii. Definite future
iii. Remote future
iv. Immediate future
17. Select the correct alternative to complete the sentence.
‘Mother _________ when the phone rang.’
i. had cooked
ii. was cooking
iii. cooks
iv. had been cooking
18. Identify the tense of the underlined verb.
‘She had been teaching music for many years.’
i. past perfect continuous
ii. past perfect
iii. simple past
iv. past continuous
19. Choose from the alternatives the sentence which is in Perfect Past Tense.
i. They have finished the work.
ii. They finished the work.
iii. They had finished the work.
iv. They had been finishing the work.
20. Fill in the blank with the correct tense form.
‘He _________ if he does not abide by rules of the office.’
i. will fire
ii. would fire
iii. will be fired
iv. should be fired

1. i,  2. ii,  3. ii,  4. ii,  5. i,  6. iv,  7. iii,  8. ii,  9. iii,  10. iii,  11. iv,  12. iv,  13. ii,  14. i,  15. iii,  16. iv,  17. ii,  18. i,  19. iii,  20. iii.

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