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Finite and Non-Finite Verbs

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– Finite verb forms show Tense, Person and Number
– Finite verbs indicate different forms in different Tenses
These forms occur when there is a change in the Number or Person of the subject
– Verbs with Tense are Finite


Smith goes to gym every morning.
Julie gets up early in the morning.
We saw a movie yesterday.
They talked on phone for one hour.
I studied French for two years.
He has been playing cricket since 2010.
We worked together on that project.
She is extremely beautiful.
There are best friends.
I am busy right now, so I will call you later.
Clara baked a cake for her birthday.
It was raining cats and dogs yesterday.
He brought the fresh vegetables from market.
John works out every day.
He committed that crime.
I don’t know you at all.
You should obey your parents.
His father was so angry at him.
They enjoyed the party last evening.
That food was very delicious!
He studied hard for the examination.
Emma looks so worried today.
I found my file in the cupboard.
Michael gets up at 5 o’clock every morning.
Students were making noise in the class.
He watched the movie yesterday.
This road goes to Mumbai.
I was so tired then.
She has been singing for years.
Peter is a good human being.
He did not listen to me.
Paul had quarreled with his wife.
She will do it certainly.



– Non-finite verb forms do not show Tense, Person and Number
– Non-finite verbs do not indicate different forms in different Tenses
The forms do not occur when there is a change in the Number or Person of the subject
Verbs without Tense are Non-finite
Mainly there are three types of non-finite verbs- a. Infinitives   b. Gerunds   c. Participles


John likes to eat coconut oil.

Cyber crime is any criminal activity that involves a computer, networked device or a network

To park car is not allowed here.
Stop behaving like a child.

I hate the idea of getting old.
Run immediately when you’re asked to do so.
The sum done by him was very difficult.
You must study hard to obtain good marks.
I like spending time in the lap of Nature.
Despite being ill, he took the examination.
He ran to the store to get the medicines.
He showed willingness to help them.
They are so excited to play football.
To err is human, to forgive is divine.
Getting up early in the morning is good for health.
It took much time to reach there.
The food cooked by her was very palatable.
Starving is better than begging.
John smelt something burning.
Feeling tired, Clara went to bed early last night.
Having finished her work, Emma went home.
She promised to return home early.
I want you to complete this work now.
I like to explore new things.
To settle down in a career is his dream.
These are quick growing trees.
He wanted to meet them.
She is trying to forget and move on.
Do not forget to submit the form.
He worked hard to become successful.


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