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Synonyms and Antonyms: Meaning & Examples

Synonym is a word which has the same or identical meaning as another word in a particular context. For example, the word ‘happy’ has synonyms like glad, cheerful, joyful, joyous, pleasant etc. Synonym is a noun and synonymous is an adjective.

Antonym is a word having the opposite or contradictory meaning. For example, the word ‘happy’ has antonyms like sad, gloomy, cheerless, sorrowful, upset, nervous, dejected, unhappy, etc. Antonym is a noun and antonymous is an adjective.

Word Synonym Antonym
Abbreviate Shortened Expand, Lengthen
Abhor Execrate, Hate, Loathe Admit, Approve
Abide Obey, Follow, Act In Accordance With Reject, Disappear
Above Over, Onto Below, Beneath
Absurd Illogical, Bizarre, Crazy Logical, Sane, Sane
Active Operative, Working, Functioning Passive, Inactive
Accept Receive, Welcome, Take Reject
Accord Pact, Treaty, Agreement, Settlement Disagreement, Discord
Acquit Exonerate, Exculpate Condemn, Blame
Accelerate Hasten, Hurry, Speed Up Retard
Admit Acknowledge, Confess, Reveal Deny, Disown, Disclaim
Advance Proceed Retreat
Adopt Acquire Reject
Adventurous Daring, Brave, Audacious Timid
Admire Applaud, Praise, Like Dislike, Criticise
Affinity Empathy, Rapport Antipathy
Affirm Declare, Assert, Accept Deny, Reject
Affluence Prosperity Poverty
Agree Accept, Consent Disagree
Allow Permit, Authorize Disallow, Reject
Allay Pacify, Soothe Aggravate, Excite
Alien Foreigner, Outsider Native, Resident
Always Consistent, Invariably Never, Rarely
Allure Attract, Appeal, Entice Repulse, Repeal
Alert Prepared, Vigilant Drowsy, Heavy, Inactive, Sluggish, Stupid
Ambition Aspiration, Competition Carelessness, Contentment, Humility, Indifference
Amend Correct, Advance Lower, Harm, Tarnish
Amiable Agreeable, Engaging, Lovable, Pleasing Cruel, Crusty, Hateful
Amid Amidst, Amongst Away From, Beyond, Far From, Outside, Without
Amplify Expand , Extend Abbreviate, Amputate, Condense
Anger Fury , Offense, Rage Patience, Love, Peace,
Analysis Investigation, Exploration Synthesis
Answer Reply, Response Question
Ancestor Forebear, Forefather, Predecessor Descendant
Antipathy Disgust, Abhorrence, Dislike Affinity, Attraction, Kindliness
Apology Acknowledgement, Defence, Excuse Accusation, Condemnation, Censure
Appreciate Acknowledge, Recognize, Respect Depreciate
Appropriate Suitable Incorrect,
Apparent Likely, Probable, Seemingly Doubtful, Dubious, Improbable
Appear Pop Up, Seem, Look Disappear, Vanish
Acquire Gain Lose
Arrival Coming, Appear, Entry Departure
Arrogant Haughty Humble
Artificial Manmade, Unnatural Natural
Arrest Apprehend, Detain, Restrain Discharge, Free, Liberate, Release
Artifice Art, Invention Ingenuousness, Artless
Ask Beg, Crave, Demand Tell, Command, Extort
Associate Colleague, Companion, Ally Antagonist, Foe, Opponent
Asset Benefit, Advantage Liability
Ascent Climb, Rise, Conquest Descent
Attack Assault, Offend, Criticise Defend
Attract Entice, Deter, Repeal
Authentic Genuine, Original Inauthentic, Inexact, Loose, Unfaithful
Awake Wake-Up, Conscious Slept, Unaware
Awkward Embarrassing Graceful

Word Synonym Antonym
Barbarous Uncivilized, Primitive Civilised
Barren Unproductive, Infertile Unproductive, Infertile
Beautiful Pretty, Good Looking, Attractive Ugly
Before Prior, In Advance After, later
Big Large, Huge Small, Tiny
Bold Daring, Brave, Audacious Timid
Borrow Take Lend
Brave Courageous, Bold Coward, Fearful
Brutal Savage, Cruel Gentle, Humane
Bright Shining, Clever Dull, Dark, Stupid
Callous Insensitive, Cunning Kind, Compassionate
Cheap Low Cost, Economical, Reasonable Expensive, Prodigal
Clean Spotless, Cleansed, Hygienic Dirty, Filthy, Unhygienic
Certain Sure Uncertain
Compulsory Imperative, Nonelective Optional, Elective
Competent Able, Capable Incompetent,
Concord Agreement Discord
Centrifugal Deviating, Eccentric Centripetal
Concise Short, Brief Lengthy
Confess Admit, Acknowledge, Disclose Conceal, Deny
Confident Assured, Assertive Diffident
Confidence Trust, Faith Distrust, Scepticism
Contemptible Hateful, Heinous, Likable
Convex Curvilinear Concave
Contract Shrink, Reduce, Decrease Expand, Increase
Cruel Brutal, Savage Merciful
Crude Raw, Primitive Refined
Candid Honest, Open, Simple Cunning, Diplomatic, Intriguing
Changed Altered Unchanged
Dark Black, Tragic Bright
Dawn Day Break, Sunrise Dusk
Debit Liability, Minus Credit.
Decrease Lessen, Dwindle Increase, Flourish
Defendant Accused Plaintiff
Defence Protection, Support Offence
Deficit Shortfall, Loss Surplus
Definite Finite, Countable Indefinite, Uncountable
Deliberate Intentional, Planned Unintentional, Accidental
Discourage Dishearten, Demoralize Encourage, Promise
Dwindle Diminish, Decrease Increase, Flourish

Word Synonym Antonym
Ebb Receding, Retreat, Subside Flow
Economical Productive, Profitable Prodigal
Elder Older, Senior Younger
Emancipate Liberate, Free Enslave
Enrich Enhance, Improve Impoverish
Enmity Hostility, Animosity, Rivalry Friendship
Eligible Permitted, Qualified, Entitled Ineligible
Enthusiasm Eagerness, Keenness Indifference
Exceptional Extraordinary, Uncommon Ordinary
Exotic Foreign Indigenous
Extravagant Prodigal, Lavish, Excessive Frugal, Thrifty, Prudent
Fabulous Mythical, Exceptional Actual, Real
Fair Just, Honest Unfair, Foul
Fall Drop, Tumble Rise
Fanciful Imaginative Practical
Few Little, Limited Many
Fragile Weak, Infirm Enduring, Tough
Frugality Economy, Providence Lavishness, Extravagance
Gloom Obscurity, Darkness Delight, Mirth
Gather Converge, Huddle Disperse, Dissemble
Gracious Courteous, Beneficent Rude, Unforgiving
Guile Cunning, Deceit Honesty, Frankness
Grudge Hatred, Aversion Benevolence, Affection
Genuine Absolute, Factual Spurious
Generosity Altruism, Bounty Stinginess, Greed
Glory Dignity, Renown Shame, Disgrace
Gloomy Bleak, Cloudy Gay, Bright
Harass Irritate, Molest Assist, Comfort
Hamper Retard, Prevent Promote, Facilitate
Hazard Peril, Danger Conviction, Security
Hapless Unfortunate, Ill-Fated Fortunate, Lucky
Haughty Arrogant, Pompous Humble, Submissive
Hideous Frightful, Shocking Attractive, Alluring
Immortal Deathless, Everlasting Mortal
Import Bring in, Buy in Export
Improvident Prodigal, Wasteful, Extravagant Provident
Impure Adulterate, mixed Pure
Industrious Hardworking, Steady Indolent, Slothful, Lazy
Inevitable Unavoidable. Ascertained Unlikely, Doubtful
Irresponsible Reckless, Imprudent Responsible
Insolvent Ruined, Bankrupt Solvent
Intricate Complex, Complicated Simple, Straightforward
Judicious Wise, Sage, Prudent, Reasonable, Sensible, Sane Unreasonable, Imprudent, Foolish, Absurd
Juvenile Young, Adolescent, Immature Mature, Adult, Grown-Up
Joint Connect, Weld Separate
Jolly Cheerful, Happy Morose, Gloomy
Kernel Core, Gist Shell
Kindle Light, Ignite Extinguish
Knowledge Wisdom Ignorance
Keen Acute, Delicate Reluctant, Apathetic
Kind Attentive, Considerate Unkind, Cruel
Lucrative Rewarding, Beneficial Unprofitable, Marginal,
Lure Attract, Entice Repel, Dissuade
Luscious Palatable, Delicious Unsavoury, Tart
Luxuriant Profuse, Abundant Scanty, Meagre
Love Kindness Hate

Word Synonym Antonym
Mad Insane Sane
Mitigate Alleviate, Relieve Ordinary, Trivial
Modest Humble, Courteous Arrogant, Pompous
Mollify Appease, Assuage Irritate, Infuriate
Mutinous Recalcitrant, Insurgent Submissive, Faithful
Mutual Joint, Identical Separate, Distinct
Morbid Nasty, Macabre Healthy, Cheerful
Notion Conceit, Apprehension Reality, Concrete
Novice Beginner Veteran
Native Indigenous Innate, Natal, Natural, Original
Neat Clean, Dapper, Orderly Dirty, Negligent, Rough
Necessary Essential, Required, Inevitable, Needful  Unnecessary, Optional, Needless, Useless
New Fresh, Modern, Recent Old, Bygone, Former, Earlier
Obsolete Ancient, Archaic, Old, Outdated Fresh, Modern, Recent
Obstruct Arrest, Check, Hinder, Clog, Impede, Prevent Aid, Facilitate, Free, Clear, Hasten, Encourage
Opaque Obscure, Shady Transparent, Bright
Ordain Order, Impose Revoke, Abolish
Obscure Arcane, Vague Prominent
Pamper Flatter, Indulge Deny, Disparage
Prudence Vigilance, Discretion Indiscretion
Peerless Matchless, Unrivalled Mediocre, Commonplace
Paramount Foremost, Eminent Trivial, Inferior
Perfect Absolute, Ideal, Faultless Imperfect, Bad, Deficient
Queer Odd, Peculiar, Bizarre, Uncommon Common, Normal, Natural
Quack Impostor, Deceiver Upright, Unfeigned
Questionable Dubious, Disputable Reliable, Authentic
Rebellious Restless, Attacking Submissive, Compliant
Reason Acumen, Bounds Folly, Speculation
Reluctant Cautious, Averse Anxious, Eager
Rectify Amend, Remedy Falsify, Worsen
Satisfy Content, Suffice, Satiate Dissatisfy, Discontent, Disappoint
Shabby Miserable Prosperous, Thriving
Shrewd Cunning, Crafty Simple, Imbecile
Solicit Entreat, Implore Protest, Oppose
Taciturn Reserved, Silent Talkative, Extrovert
Timid Coward, Submissive Bold, Intrepid
Trivial Insignificant Significant
Thick Chunky, Massive Thin, Attenuated
Usurp Seize, Wrest Restore, Compensate
Unhealthy Unfit, Seek, Ill, Unwell Healthy, Fit, Well
Valid Genuine, Original, Authentic Invalid, Bogus, Fake, Sham
Vicious Corrupt, Obnoxious Noble, Virtuous
Veteran Ingenious, Experienced Novice, Tyro, Armature
Wicked Vicious, Immoral Virtuous, Noble
Wed Marry, Combine Divorce, Separate
Worthless Useless Worthwhile, Useful, Valuable
Young Youthful Old, Elderly
Yearn Long, Desire Dislike, Despise
Zest Zeal Apathy

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