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Using ‘Almost’

Using 'Almost'
  • Almost‘ means ‘nearly‘, ‘not completely‘, ‘not quite
  • Used to modify a verb
  • Used to modify an adjective
  • Used with expressions like nothing, no-one, never, always, every and all
  • Used with expressions of time and quantity


I have almost finished my work.
The boy has read almost all the story books.
There’s almost nothing to do now.
They have eaten almost all the bananas.
The employees are almost always late for office.
Paul is almost never at home.
Our dog is almost human.
You’re almost finished the race.
My family spent almost one year in USA.
The estimated amount will be almost $500.
He called to her almost daily.
Almost all students attended online meeting.
This happened to Steven almost every night.
He almost lost his case that day.
John goes there almost every week.
We are almost done with our task.
Your sister seems almost married.
Peter almost forgot the birthday of his wife.
The roads were almost muddy and potholed.
It was almost raining.
Michael is extremely smart, almost a genius.
The pet was almost dead.
The weather is almost cloudy today.
The college is almost near my house.
She is almost a versatile genius.
It is almost bad for health.
The lecture is almost over.
They were almost panting.
The hooligan almost tried to kill that man on the road.
They are almost good friends.
The cellphone is almost drained.
We are almost tired now, so we need some rest.
He is almost recovered from Covid-19.
The students were almost making noise in the classroom.
The clock struck almost 4:00 p.m.
The function was almost a grand success.
I am almost ready for the party.
The papers were almost lying scattered on the floor.
My preparation for the exams is almost complete.
We almost enjoyed the show last evening.
He is almost a villain of the play.
Emma almost rejected his proposal of marriage.
They were almost sleepy during the class.
It’s too late, I am almost starving.
The room is almost clean.
The music almost helps to reduce your depression.
The exam is almost over.
She was almost angry with me.
These brothers almost resemble each other in their looks.
He was almost failed in Math.
The cake is almost finished by children.
He is almost a crooked man.
She is almost good as a human being.
The mother almost looked worried.
You seem to be almost complacent with everything.
She almost lost her balance while walking.
They are almost happy now.


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