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‘Exclamatory’ ‘Assertive’

'Exclamatory' 'Assertive'

Exclamatory Sentence
is the kind of sentence which contains a strong emphasis, emotion, feeling or excitement. Mostly, these sentences begin with What/How.

Oh! I broke my wrist-watch.
What a beautiful sight it is!
Bravo! You did your best.
How fast days are gone!
What a beautiful house that is!
How difficult the paper is!
Wow! You look nice in this shirt.
Hurrah! Tomorrow is holiday.
What a happy man he is!
Alas! His son died of Corona.
Shit! I made a blunder again.
Oh god! Please, help me out.
My goodness! He failed in Math.
Ouch! I got cramps in my right leg.
Yuck! It’s so clumsy.
Happy birthday, my dear Mom!
He is so angry right now!
She is such a noble soul!
How boring the movie is!
You are such a petty man!
Oh no! It started raining suddenly.
You must be kidding!
Hey! Listen to me.
Whoa! It’s quite interesting.
Yay! I’m done with my work.
Yikes! The kid is all alone at home.
Whew! It’s unbelievable!
Shh! There is someone outside.
What an unfortunate person he is!
Thank god! The bus has finally arrived.
Hmm! That’s true.
Yeah! I would like to have a cup of coffee.
Oops! I forgot my file on the table.
Yippee! It’s time to celebrate our victory.
What a cute kitten! 
What a terrible story you have told!


Assertive Sentence
is the kind of sentence which makes an informative statement. It begins with subject which tells something directly. Instead of What/How, the word very is used in Assertive Sentences.

They are good friends.
He lives near the college.
John is a robust man.
It is a very beautiful sight.
He is a very unfortunate person.
I saw beautiful flowers on the bank of the river.
We cannot complete this project by tomorrow.
Clara has been suffering from cancer for few months.
You should not cheat on your parents.
Joseph does his work very honestly.
He was watching an football match on TV.
Emma went for shopping in the morning.
His brother is a born fool.
He is eating a mango.
The chairman is a good-hearted man.
The paper is very difficult.
The movie is very boring.
This is the only option left before us.
She looked quite upset toady.
We enjoyed the party last evening.
He did not listen to anybody.
Tom is qualified for the post.
She had reconciled to her lot.
The prisoner ran away from the jail.
Her face seems to be familiar.
He is a very intelligent student.
The Taj Mahal looks very beautiful in the moonlit night.
We shall meet some day or other.
They maltreated him, so he left the house.
You will get better opportunities in future.
Life is too short to be sad.
I had lunch little early today.
He was appointed as an assistant manager.
John loves listening to music.
He is a very happy man.
You have told a very terrible story.

Activity Set_1

Change the following Exclamatory sentences into Assertive.

How elegantly Laura dances!
Laura dances very elegantly.

What a beautiful piece of architecture it is!
It is a very beautiful piece of architecture.

Wow! You look gorgeous.
It’s very nice that you look gorgeous.

Hurray! We have holiday for two days.
It’s very joyful that we have holiday for two days.

How lazy man you are!
You are very lazy man.

What an amazing mutual understanding they have!
They have a very good mutual understanding.

Shit! The weather is too cloudy today to go out.
It’s very bad that the weather is too cloudy today to go out.

What a pleasant surprise!
It is a very pleasant surprise.

Bravo! You achieved your goal.
It’s very good that you achieved your goal.

What a fine hit it was indeed!
It was indeed a very fine hit.

How pleasant the weather is!
The weather is very pleasant.

What an intelligent boy John is!
John is a very intelligent boy.

Hurrah! We have won the match.
It’s a matter of joy that we have won the match.

Alas! He failed in the test!
It is a matter of sorrow that he failed in the test.

Had I been a politician!
I wish I had been a politician.

Would that I could be a writer!
I wish I could be a writer.

Activity Set_2

Change the following Assertive sentences into Exclamatory.

It was a very beautiful snowy evening by the woods.
What a beautiful snowy evening it was by the woods!

It is very sad that he lost his job.
Alas! He lost his job.

These days, it’s very hot everywhere.
How hot it is everywhere these days!

You got a very fantastic idea.
What a fantastic idea you got!

You are very funny.
How funny you are!

You have done very well, my boy.
Well done, my boy!

It’s a matter of joy that tomorrow is holiday.
Hurray! Tomorrow is holiday.

It’s painful that I have cramps in my body.
Ouch! I have cramps in my body.

It looks very disgusting that he fell in the muddy pond.
Yuck! He fell in the muddy pond!

It’s a mercy of God that he is safe and sound.
Thank God! He is safe and sound.

Activity Set_3

Change the following Exclamatory sentences into Assertive.

Alas! He has been starving for a couple of days.
It’s very sad that he has been starving for a couple of days.

Shit! I forgot keys again.
It’s very bad that I forgot keys again.

Hurrah! She got a job.
It’s very joyful that she got a job.

How stupid you are to do such a thing!
You are very stupid to do such a thing.

Oh no! It’s raining cats and dogs.
It’s very bad that it’s raining cats and dogs.

Bravo! You came with flying colours.
It’s very great that you came with flying colours.

My goodness! Lights went off suddenly.
It’s very bad that lights went off suddenly.

Oh! He died young of an accident.
It’s very sad that he died young of an accident.

Yay! It’s my birthday today.
It’s very joyful that it’s my birthday today.

Dammit! He got this tender too.
It’s very bad that he got this tender too.

Activity Set_4

Change the following Assertive sentences into Exclamatory.

It’s very nice that you invested money in some business.
Wow! You invested money in some business.

It was very sad that she widowed at such a young age.
Alas! She widowed at such a young age.

It’s very beautiful.

Her dance performance was very fantabulous.
What a fantabulous dance performance hers was!

The professor is very absent-minded man.
How absent-minded man the professor is!

You got a very lovely wife.
What a lovely wife you got!

The lord is very merciful.
How merciful the lord is!

Those flowers are very tiny and beautiful.
How tiny and beautiful those flowers are!

It’s truly unparalleled.
Indeed! It’s an unparalleled.

This is a very fitting answer.
How fitting answer this is!


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