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“too” / “enough”

'too' 'enough'
Too and Enough are used with adjectives and indicate degree. Too means ‘more than necessary’ and it precedes the adjective. Enough means ‘sufficient’ and usually follows the adjective.
too + adjective + infinitive
adjective + enough + infinitive

too indicates more than you need or want
enough indicates the amount you need or want


Grandfather is too old to ride the Merry-Go-Round.
Betty is too young to drive the car. 
This work is too hard to do accurately.
This work isn’t too hard to do.
The box is too heavy for the porter to lift.

Donna is not tall enough to reach the book.
It’s too cold to go outside now.
The orange is too bitter to eat.
The coffee is too hot to drink.
He is too niggardly to buy that costlier car.

I was too tired to work any longer yesterday.
John was too reluctant to marry Clara.
The coffee is too hot to consume right away.
They are too proud to speak politely and respectfully with anyone.
She is too arrogant and over-smart to listen to anybody.
David is too intelligent to pass any competitive exam.
The Maths problems were too difficult to solve.
It was too frosty to go outside last night.
Peter and Paul are too close friends to separate from each other.
He is too stupid to understand anything.
Nothing is too impossible to achieve on this earth, if you are determined.
Covid-19 is still too prevalent to go outside without wearing masks.
She is too naïve to be deceived by anybody so easily.
This scanned document is too blurred to read.
He is too strict to allow any liberty to his children.
They are too noisy and mischievous to tolerate any more.
He too lazy to carry out his duties and responsibilities on time.
She is too indifferent to do any justice to her job.
It is too sweet and sour to eat any more.
She is too punctual to miss the train ever in her life.
He is too furious to forgive anyone, let the sleeping dogs lie!
It is too important to be ignored.
They are too busy to plan any tour for the time being.
He is too sleepy to attend any lecture right now.
There are too many things to learn nowadays, as far as the technology is concerned.
She is too beautiful to fall in love with.
The tables were too dusty to put anything on them.
The washroom was too stinky and dirty to go inside and use.

Charles was tall enough to play the basketball.
They were smart enough to pass the test.
He is not healthy enough to play football.
This work is easy enough to do.
This work is easy enough to do.
The orange is sweet enough to eat.
Paul is clever enough to understand perfectly.
Steven is strong enough to cross the dessert.
I don’t think they are compassionate enough to understand the sufferings of others.
They are not patient enough to wait for the results to be declared.
She is not financially sound enough to afford that flat on a rent.
We got it done meticulously enough to ensure the quality.
You are smart enough to cheat on your business partners.
They are compatible enough as life- partners to make a good couple.
The place is comfortable enough to stay for few days.
She is beautiful enough to win your heart at first sight.
This dish seems to be delicious enough to taste.
Your performance was outstanding enough to win applause from the judges & audience.
She is settled enough in career to supplement her family financially.
This road is smooth and good enough to drive a car safely.
He is generous and kind enough to help people.
John is practical and shrewd enough to deal with this selfish world easily.
Her assignment is good enough to get her marks for passing.
This bag is full enough to keep anything else in it now.
The phones are smart enough these days to enable people to do any transaction in a
Mary’s husband is caring enough to look after her during her ailment.
That movie is good enough to watch with your family.
He is bold enough to oppose anything which doesn’t stand to his reason.
The floor is wet enough to make you slip, so please, be careful!
I am satisfied enough with my life to wish nothing more.
He is not careful enough to do his work well.
Jane was not ready enough to marry anyone so hastily.
She didn’t look happy enough to ensure that everything was fine with her.
This dress is not proper enough to wear at the party.
They are not disciplined enough to be consistent with their work.
A lawyer must be quick-witted enough to make strong arguments in the court.
Today’s generation is smart enough to understand anything quickly.
Elizabeth is strong enough to stand any misery and pain without complaints.


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