A Noun is a part of language that names a person, place, thing, idea, action or quality. Nouns can refer to an individual name of a person. Gender is the category of Noun. It is a system of systematic classification of Nouns.

A Noun can have-
  • Masculine Gender.
         It refers to the names of boys and men.
         e.g. man, father, boy, husband, son etc.

  • Feminine Gender
         It refers to the names of girls and women.      
         e.g. woman, mother, girl, wife, daughter etc.

  • Common Gender
         It refers to the names of both.     
         e.g. person, parent, child, spouse
, friend etc.

..• Neuter Gender
      It refers to the names of things or objects.     
         e.g. house, book, bus, stone, clock etc.

Masculine Feminine Common Neuter
Boy Girl Doctor Pen
Father Mother Teacher Table
Husband Wife Child Book
Man Woman Baby Computer
Brother Sister Friend Bucket
Uncle Aunt Person Truth
King Queen Owner Love
Bull Cow Relative Sympathy
Sir Madam Parent Fear
Dog Bitch Puppy Rock
Tiger Tigress Cub Tree
Lion Lioness Cub Flower
Tomcat Cat Kitten Game
Boar Sow Piglet Festival
He-goat Goat Lamb College
Bull Cow Calf Institute
Actor Actress Artist Courage
Poet Poetess Writer Joy
Bachelor Spinster Single Anger
Master Mistress Enemy Hair
Landlord Landlady Student City
Widower Widow Principal Chair
Son Daughter Cousin Table
Grandpa Grandma Grandchild Room
Waiter Waitress Relative House
Emperor Empress Employee Toys
Sun Earth  Planet Death
Hero Heroin Officer Life
Shirt Saree Clothes Breath
Uncle Aunt Employer Sorrow
Prince Princess President Progress
King Queen Minister Help
Stallion Mare Administrator Company
Gentleman Lady Children Window
Heir Heiress Friend Assistance
Fox Vixen Colleague Terror
Peacock Peahen Lawyer Case
Governor Governess Doctor Medicine
He She You    They


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