The word concord means an agreement or harmony between people or groups. It is a state and assertion of agreement.

In English grammar, the term concord is used for the same purposes. It is the harmony or agreement between different parts of a sentence, specially the subject and the verb. The Subject of a sentence has a close association to what is being said in the Predicate. The form of the verb should be in straight relation to the number and person of the Subject. Concord is also called Subject-Verb Agreement. The verb must agree with its subject with respect to its number and person.


  Subjects and Verbs must agree in number.
    The tiger roars when he is angry.
….The tigers roar when they are angry.
When the subject is singular, the verb should also be singular.
    She is a clever girl.
    He has a better knowledge.
When the subject is plural, the verb should also be plural.
    They are brilliant students.
    Students have written a poem.
When two subjects are connected with conjunction, plural verb is used.
    Smith and John are reading stories.
    Henry and his friends have written a letter.
When two singular nouns assign to the same person or thing, the verb should be singular.
    My friend and customer has bought two dresses.
    Honesty and kindness is my mother’s real identity.
When one subject is singular and the other is plural, the verb should be plural.
    Either the coach or the players have practised today.
    Neither the teacher nor the students are feeling well.
When one subject is plural and the other is singular, the verb should be singular.
    Either the players or the captain has played well.
    Neither the doctors nor the patient is wearing a mask.
When both subjects are singular, the verb should be singular.
    Every boy and girl is allowed to use calculator.
Each man and woman is instructed to wear a mask.

When both subjects are plural, the verb should be plural.
    Not only books but also magazines are displayed here.
    Neither teachers nor students have found the answer.
When two infinitives are separated by ‘and’, the verb should be plural.
     To read and to write are two different skills.
     To dance and to act require practice.

  When gerunds are used as the subject, the verb should be singular.
     Playing without helmet is quite dangerous.
     Dancing without practice was a bad idea.

  When gerunds are linked by ‘and’, the verb should be plural.
     Swimming and singing are his hobbies.
     Eating and sleeping were his bad habits.

  When the subject is Indefinite Pronoun, the verb may be singular.
     Everybody wants to be participated.
     Much has happened since we met.
  When the subject is Collective Noun, the verb should be singular.
     An average family consists of four people.
     A herd  was grazing in the meadows.




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