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Infinitive / Gerund

Infinitive Gerund


  • Infinitive is the basic form of a verb
            e.g. eat, do, make, live, write etc.
  • Infinitive is often used with ‘to’
            e.g. to eat, to do, to make, to live, to write etc.
  • Form of verb with ‘to’ is called ‘To-infinitive’
  • Form of verb without ‘to’ is called ‘Bare-infinitive’
  • Infinitive is an important part of sentence construction
  • Most common and formal concept in English
  • Infinitive describes the purpose of action
  • Used in different situations to clarify the meaning
  • Infinitive can be either the subject or object in the sentence
  • Used at the beginning, middle or end of the sentence
  • Infinitive can serve as an adjective, an adverb or a noun

George likes to eat coconut oil.
To die is better than to surrender.
Susan decided not to go out.
To learn English is very important today.
I don’t like to drink cold coffee.
I reached the hill-top to see the view.
To park car is not allowed here.
To study English grammar is better for improvement.
We planned to visit Australia next month.
Daniel is finally ready to play.
It is better to talk with them now.
Do they know to write a formal letter?
Melissa has finished to read all chapters.

  • Gerund is a ‘ing’ ending word, made from verb
            e.g. eating, doing, making, living, writing etc.
  • Gerund is the present participle (-ing) form of the verb
  • Gerund is a Verb form but functions as a Noun
  • Gerund is known as Verbal Noun
  • Gerund can be either the subject or object in the sentence
  • Gerund is an important part of sentence construction
  • Most common and formal concept in English
  • Used in different situations to clarify the meaning
  • Gerund can be either the subject or object in the sentence
  • Used at the beginning, middle or end of the sentence
  • Sometimes, prepositions are used before Gerund to make the sentence meaningful. Here,
  • Gerunds are used as the object of a preposition

George likes eating coconut oil.
Dying is better than surrendering.
Let’s go playing football on the ground.
I started reading loudly in the class.
Sleeping in the afternoon is not good for health.
Stop behaving like a child.
Isn’t reading good for improvement?
Smith is always interested in singing.
We enjoy swimming every Sunday.
She refused telling me the date of the seminar.
We decided helping the KOVID 19 victims.
Brian doesn’t like participating social activities.
I enjoyed driving with my father.
I hate the idea of getting old.
Julie is very clever at solving Math problems.
Have you got anything for decorating the house?

More Examples: INFINITIVES

They decided to go out that day.
He wants to swim in the pool.
Mother loves to give gifts to her children.
Do you swear to tell the truth now?
I would rather prefer to see a movie than to go there.
He reminded her to pay off an electricity bill.
To dance is her biggest dream in life.
I would like to thank you for helping me yesterday.
John does not like to drink liquor.
Mary forgot to take her medicines today.
Do you have anything to say now?
She likes to cook for her dear ones.
The best thing to do is reading.
They love to watch football on TV.
She is really difficult to understand.
I started to think about immediately.
We like to drench in the rain.
This is the most important thing to do right away.
She was scared to confide in him any longer.
Math is a very difficult subject to study.
They are finally ready to go.
I went to the school to meet the Principal.
Follow the instructions to bake a good cake.
He travelled a lot to explore the world.
He tried his best to stop smoking.
My mother will be so happy to see you.
You are so nice to know.
John went to the market to buy some vegetables.
Let’s work together to complete this project.
He burnt the midnight oil to become a lawyer.
This is the best alternative to choose.
She has so many things to deal with.
You must learn to keep yourself cool.
It is wonderful to have best friends in life.
It’s my hobby to compose poems.
Everyone wants to lead a happy and peaceful life.
We must learn to be patient.
I can’t wait to see you anymore.
Could you please tell me the way to go?

More Examples: GERUNDS

The teacher taught us dancing.
Apologizing to them will help you to retain the relationship.
I am so afraid of sky-diving.
Doing hard work always bears the sweet fruit.
I love shopping with my friends.
She doesn’t like cooking at all.
This team is known for playing excellently.
They don’t mind your staying here.
John considered quitting his job all of a sudden.
Hurting her feelings was not less than committing an offence.
I can’t tolerate his being arrogant every time.
I tried calling you many times.
He will give up drinking soon, trust me.
Listening attentively and actively is very important.
Let’s go trekking this weekend.
Starving is better than begging.
They are so much fond of eating out.
You cannot burn your calories just by watching games.
She starts dancing whenever she feels upset.
They started working on that project much earlier.
Clara is scared of riding a horse.
He was scolded for telling lies.
Emma was busy making notes for exams.
John loves capturing photos of nature.
Playing Badminton is one of my favourite sports.
Eating fast-food is not good for our health.
Asking questions helps you to enhance your knowledge.
Consuming too much sweet is going to harm your body.
The thief admitted stealing the jewellery.
They enjoyed seeing each other after a long time.
Stop doing such silly things.
Going there is not good for you.
Emma kept working in the kitchen until he arrived at home.
Marketing must be done properly to increase the sale.
Exercising every day is good for health.
I love strolling in the garden.
He is excellent in playing Chess.
Sleeping during the daytime is not a good habit.
Everything will be fine, stop worrying now.
Start saving money for a rainy day.


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