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Auxiliary’ means to provide additional or supplementary help.
 Auxiliary Verb means Helping Verb, which is used with a Main Verb.
 Auxiliary Verbs express the Main Verb’s TENSE, MOOD or VOICE.

  There are two types of Auxiliary Verbs-





MODAL AUXILIARY is a verb that connects with another verb to express a Mood or Tense. It changes the meaning of other verb. Modal Auxiliaries are used differently in different situations. They are effectively used with the base form of another verb.



I can speak English fluently.
Mark can study eight hours continuously.
George can swim in the sea.
They can perform well today.


My father can visit US this month.
It can rain heavily tonight.
She can come with me tomorrow.
You can win lottery this summer.


Can I help you in this situation?
Can we go there together?
Can I sit here for a while?
Can I use your laptop, please?


You can go now.
They can start to write a paper.
You can‘t park your bike here.
He cannot stay here for a long time.



Richard could be a leader of our team.
You could cause a disease eating like this.
We could go at beach tomorrow.
She could be there with her friend.


I could handle the office skillfully.
My father could speak Latin fluently.
Ahmed could work for ten hours daily.
I couldn’t open the door in that condition.


You could improve your English grammar.
You could support your brother now.
If you agree, we could go there to meet him.
You could buy this product.


Could you help me to complete it?
Could I talk to your mother, please?
Could you reserve one seat for me?
Could you just take you seat and listen?


You could use your tablet to find answers.
Roger couldn’t go to watch movie with friends.
Could I ask something about this poem?
Could I turn the fan on?



I shall bring some books for you.
We shall visit London next week.
After lunch, I shall start to write an essay.
We shall play rugby on our school ground.


Shall I help you to cross the road?
Shall we leave this place right now?
Shall I take a left turn to reach Opera House?
It’s raining. Shall I close the window?


I shall get you a new car for your birthday.
We shall be the winner of this contest.
I shall stay with you in hospital.
We shall preserve our friendship forever.


You shall be punished very soon.
You shall be taken to court for this crime.
You shall not live happily by opposing me.
You shall not allow to marry with her.


You shall work hard to get success.
We shall get our work finished by 11.00 PM.
He shall use his strength to reach the hilltop.
Sara shall face all difficulties on her way.


Students shall not make noise in library.
You shall wear a mask at public places.
The visitors shall provide their ID proof.
Company shall take responsibility of security.


You shall not drive without license.
Tourists shall not take selfie here.
Without mask, you shall not go in.
People shall not smoke in cinema theater.


moral duty

We should respect our parents.
We should take care of animals and birds.
Government should support flood victims.
Philip should look after his grandfather.


You should regularly sanitize your hands.
You should follow the traffic rules.
Employees should not leave before 5.00 PM.
They should attend the meeting tomorrow.


You should drive carefully in rainy season.
He should stop to blame his father.
Louis should contact his family doctor now.
Children should not waste their time playing.


You should test your blood and sugar.
Wayne should eat leafy vegetables daily.
You should help your son to draw a picture.
Andrea should avoid to go in this situation.


Thomas should get back before 10.00 AM.
I think, we should score 300 runs today.
The price should be between $ 20 to 30 .
It’s too hot today, should be raining tonight.


The guests should be arriving any time.
They should find this blog quite useful.
This website should be useful for all.
You should read it before you sign.



He will join the meeting soon.
Gerald will make all necessary arrangements.
They will start to study English grammar.
My mother will visit Australia next week.


Will you please give your phone?
Will you sit here for half an hour?
Will your brother participate in party?
Will the visitors wait there until I’m free?


They will play to win today.
Gloria will start to walk 10 km daily.
We will visit Jerusalem next year.
She will work hard until she becomes successful.


I will meet you every single day.
I will help you in all your activities.
I will never forget you till my last breath.
Nathan will take the responsibility of his education.


I will not support you to type a blog.
The won’t accept your unplanned project
Your father will not permit this marriage.
The teacher will definitely tell you to write it again.


I will surely help you.
We will start a business in partnership.
He will distribute masks on the occasion of his birthday.
Doris will donate his blood in Blood-donation Camp.


I will definitely be there, don’t worry.
It will not rain tomorrow.
They will finish the work by tomorrow.
Keith will surely be selected in basketball team.


past habit/routine

We would play football very Sunday.
Arthur would walk 5 miles daily.
He would always be late for Physics class.
We would eat pizza in this canteen.


I would like to deliver a speech on that occasion.
I would become a global English expert.
My sister would marry with her good friend.
I would attend the ceremony with my family.

polite offer/desire

Would you like to take a cup of coffee?
Would you buy this car for your son?
I would give 10 percent discount on this shopping.
I would add you in my Facebook group.


If I were teacher, I would teach using technologies.
If I were police, I would not allow you to go there.
If I were you, I would solve all questions.
I would decide to bat first, if I were the captain.


He would be punished, if he found guilty.
If you support me, I would start a website.
He would regain his confidence, if you console him.
If he goes there, they would beat him.


Would you add me in your Telegram channel?
Would you participate in Annual Sports?
Would you please park my car there?
Would you please go there to smoke?



It may rain heavily
James may get Fist Class in exam.
She may not perform today.
I may go to Canada next month.


May I come in, Sir?
May I use your cellphone?
Only staff may use this office.
They may invent KOVID-19 vaccine.


May I speak to Mr. William, please?
The office closes, you may go now.
You may wait there for some time.
You may stand in queue.


May God bless you a lot!
May you have a Happy New Year!
You may achieve great success.
You may be the winner of  final match.

polite offer

May I share my story with you?
May I add you in my Facebook group?
May we start a business together?
May I pay the interest of the loan?



It might rain heavily tonight.
They might come by train.
She might pass the driving test today.
Mark might be late due to bad weather.


You might consider running every morning.
Joyce might not study Chemistry today.
He might control his anger.
They might not go to beach in this situation.


If you don’t wear a sweater, you might catch a cold.
I might meet the patient, if you allow me to go in.
If they won the toss, they might win the match.
Sharon might support you, if you ask her.


Might I come in, Mam?
You might go on tour for ten days.
Scott might upload all PDFs now.
They might meet the minister one by one.


Might I have a tea, please?
Might I ask one question now?
Might you offer your seat to this old lady?
You might stop quarreling with her.



You must attend the lectures regularly.
You must solve all 20 questions.
They must pass the fitness test first.
Johnny must be there before 11 o’clock.


We must respect our teachers.
He must help his brother in this situation.
You must follow all traffic rules.
You must wear seat belt while driving.


I must stand first in college this year.
John must become a Software Engineer.
All nations must fight against Kovid 19.
We must learn computer for better future.


You must use mask wherever you go.
She must inform her mother about illness.
We must sanitize our hands frequently.
They must avoid playing mobile games.


I must call police if you find guilty again.
I must hack the data in your computer.
You must not live in this apartment.
I must kidnap your son.


I must submit my profile next week.
We must have the house painted soon.


You must remove your shoes outside.
We must measure blood oxygen level daily.


You must avoid smoking at public place.
You must not carry mobiles in exam hall.

ought to


You ought to change your behaviour.
Marilyn ought to wake up at 5.00 AM.
Students ought to go to library in queue.
He ought to avoid eating fast foods.


We ought to have completed it by the evening.
George ought to deliver a speech soon.
The guests ought to arrive by train.
He ought to get a reply tomorrow.


We ought to protect birds and animals.
You ought to listen carefully before you write.
You ought to pay your loan installments.
They ought to support tsunami victims.


The books ought to be enough for the whole school.
Our football team ought to win today.
All teachers ought to go on tour next week.
Smith ought to start his magic show again.

have to/has to


They have to be the right location.
Julie has to submit the mail again.
You have to be in the class
He has to pay extra for this booking.


You have to agree with the terms and conditions.
Henry has to read the privacy policy.
Students have to attend online classes.
Ahmed has to write an essay within one hour.


You have to complete the target by tomorrow.
Paul has to reach the interview on time.
Citizens have to keep the city clean.
The watchman has to be very careful.


We have to respect our National Anthem.
He has to quarantine himself at home.
Tourists have to enter with entry tickets.
You have to paste your photo here.


We have to use mask wherever we go.
You have to save the file before you close it.
Scott has to write all rules in notebook.
Farmers have to store grains safely.

used to

past habit

We used to walk after dinner.
They used to play football every Sunday.
Everyday, the parrot used to come on this tree.
My mother used to cook early morning.

past existence

There used to be a fort here.
There used to be a hospital in this area.
These are the signs that people used to hunt here.
It proves that leopard used to come here daily.

need to


We need to leave this place urgently.
They needn’t waste their time here.
I need to support her in this condition.
Andrea needs to collect fund for flood victims.


The players need to finish match in time.
You need to attend today’s conference.
Gloria needn’t talk on this issue now.
Teachers need not teach all lessons.

dare to


They dare to catch the poisonous snakes.
I dare not go in the forest alone.
Louis dared to jump in flood water.
She dared not talk to him.

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