Speech writing is the technique of bringing a thought or message to a reader using the correct punctuation, expression and articulation. It is the skill of communicating knowledge and expressing ideas in the written form of a speech, either for your own presentation or for another person. It requires being able to effectively organize and write down your thoughts in a way that can be effectively communicated verbally.

Here are some examples:

Prepare a speech on the topic “The role of books in our life”.

Honourable Principal, respected teachers and all my dear friends, good morning to all!

We always say that ‘knowledge is power’, but where this knowledge comes from. No doubt, it’s from the books. Today, I am going to share my views on ‘Books as our true friends’.

I would like to cite some famous personalities to back up my points. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam himself upheld the importance of reading through his books. In his chapter, “Joy of Reading’, he gives an example of a watchman who turned a college professor because of his voracious reading. Dr. Ambedkar too commented on the importance of education which is possible through reading.

I want to bring to notice that these days, students spend most of their time on either social media or playing games. It’s mere a waste of time mostly. But if we read books regularly, we can enlighten ourselves and become powerful with knowledge. And we feel more and more confident.

Books are our true friends in the sense that they guide us, direct us and mould us in a proper way. A well-read person can feel confident always. Reading gives pleasure to mind as well along with some message. As said by Abdul Kalam, everyone must have a small library in his house instead of having selfish people around.

To conclude, I would say “Today you read, tomorrow you lead”.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!


Today is ‘Women’s Day’ and you are asked to deliver a speech on the topic- “Changing role of women in the 21st century”.

Good Morning everyone!

Respected Principal, beloved teachers and all my dear friends!

It gives me an immense pleasure to be standing before you and express my views on the ‘Role of Women’ on this auspicious day which is internationally celebrated as ‘Women’s Day’.

In the ancient times, women were treated as inferior to man. But today, women are as good as men in every aspect. They have proved that they are capable to work in any field.

Take the name of any field where women have not left their imprint.  To cite an examples, there are many like Rani Laxmibai, Savitribai Phule, Jijamata, Indira Gandhi, Pratibhatai Patil, Indra Nyui, Kiran Bedi, Kalpana Chawla, Lata Mangeshkar, Sudha Murthy, Nidhi Razdan, Saniya Mirza, Saina Nehwal and the list goes on.

It’s really difficult to be a woman and I can understand it very well as I am also a woman. She has to play multiple roles at different times. But she has proved always that if given an opportunity, she can come with flying colours.

I acknowledge the vital role the women have been playing for the liberation of the society and their great contribution in creating a strong nation with their spirit of dedication, devotion and duty. It’s really not possible to sum up everything about the role of women in such a short speech.

Thank you all!


Write a speech on ‘Importance of Cleanliness’ to be delivered in your school.

Very good morning to honourable Principal, respected teachers, and my dear friends. Today, I am standing before you all to express my views on ‘Importance of Cleanliness’. It is said that ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’.

Cleanliness means keeping yourself as well as the surrounding clean. It is essential to understand its importance in our life. It keeps our physical as well as mental health good. ‘Healthy mind in a healthy body’. In the dirty surroundings, mosquitoes breed on the large scale giving birth to many lethal diseases like dengue, chickenguniya, typhoid, malaria etc. So, we must develop the habit of being clean right from the young age. We carry it forward throughout our life.

In order to highlight the importance of cleanliness, the nation-wide campaign, ‘Swachh Bharat’, was launched by the Prime Minister of India in 2014. Many people have taken part in the same actively. Still we have to go far away.

Hence, I exhort you to adopt cleanliness in your life with fervour. After all, ‘Charity begins at home’. Let’s make our planet green and clean. Let’s make it a beautiful paradise by joining hands together.

Thank you so much!


The recent rise in incidents of violent behaviour of students is a matter of concern for all. The problem can be curbed if students learn how to manage anger. Write a speech on this topic to be delivered in the school.

Good morning honourable Principal, respected teachers and my dear friends! Today, I am here to share my views about ‘How to Manage Anger?’

The new generation students seem to be intolerant. It results into violence towards teachers. It has become the matter of big concern for teachers as well as parents.

Students need to be taught life skills now to control the situation. The anger can result from aggressiveness, reactive attitude, self-defense, stress etc. Students need to control their anger because ‘Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured’, as said by Mark Twain.

Anger can be reduced through meditation, counting numbers 1 to 100 and sessions on anger management. ‘Anger’ is just one letter short of ‘Danger’. We must understand and remember every time that anger never helps us, but it ruins everything.

“For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of your peace of mind.”

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.


Prepare a speech on ‘Environmental protection’ to be delivered in the school.

Respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends!

Today, I am going to talk about the need of ‘Environmental Protection.

As you know all, global warming has caused the rise in temperature on the earth. The sea level too is on the rise continuously. Glaciers are melting away rapidly. Natural calamities have become rife now. Both floods and famine have become common, making the life difficult. Every year, many people die due to the flood as well as famine. All these things are happening because of the over interference of man in the eco-system.

Deforestation, toxic wastes, industrial wastes, plastic, toxic gases emitted by vehicles, various pollutions, etc, are some of the responsible factors in causing the imbalance of eco-system.

We need to join our hands to save our planet by planting more trees, by using water carefully, by changing our lifestyle. After all, ‘we must save Planet to save our Life’.

Thank you all.


Write a short speech to be delivered on ‘Gandhi Jayanti’.

Good Morning everyone present over here!

Honourable Principal, respected teachers and all my dear friends, today is one of the most important days in the history of India. I really feel fortunate and happy to express my feelings about and gratitude towards such a great human being like Mahatma Gandhi.

On 2nd October, 1869, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born into a Gujrathi family in Porbandar. The Independence movement of India was led by Gandhi. He devoted his entire life for the liberation of India from the clutches of British. His life was full of sacrifices. If had decided, he could have practiced as a lawyer, earned a lot of money and lead a peaceful life. But he was obsessed with the well-being of his countrymen. Such a great he was that we call him as the ‘Father of Nation’

If we read the autobiography of Gandhiji, namely, ‘My Experiments with Truth’, we really get inspired. He always followed the principles of truth, non-violence and love in his life. Celebrating such days will be meaningful only if truly walk on the path shown by him.

Today, I request all of you to be determined to follow the teachings given by Gandhiji. Then only, we would be able to create India dreamt by Gandhiji.

I salute to such a great soul and conclude my speech here.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat! Thank you all!


Write a speech on ‘Benefits of Early rising’ to be delivered by you in your school.
Good morning everyone!

Honourable Principal, respected teachers and all my dear friends, toady I am going to highlight the ‘Benefits of Early Rising’ in our life.

The old saying goes, ‘Early to bed, early to rise, makes man healthy, wealthy and wise’. It’s really convincing, because our forefathers were early risers and we can see that they are physically and mentally fit even today.

If we rise early, we feel fresh and we get extra hours to manage our work properly. Early in the morning, if we go for a walk, we get fresh air to breathe. Our day is also full of energy and freshness. Similarly, we can go to bed early and have a peaceful and sound sleep which we really find missing in today’s generation.

These days, people stay awake till late at midnight, most of them spending time on social media. That’s why, they rise late in the morning with puffy eyes and lots of laziness. It is said that ‘Old is Gold’, the time has come to switch to old principles again and change our lifestyle so that we can have healthy body and healthy mind.

We must understand the importance of early rising in our life and implement it from the very today.

Thank you!


Write a speech on the topic ‘A student must know how to manage his time’. It is to be delivered in the school.

Good Morning respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends! I have come before you all to speak on the topic, ‘A student must know how to manage his time’.

Time Management is very important if one wants to succeed. At this moment, I remember a very famous proverb, ‘Time and tide wait for none’. It means that we can’t get the same time once it’s gone. So we must learn to value every moment of our life and invest it in the meaningful things.

If we are able to manage our time, we can do more work in less time, less stress and still feeling energetic. We can follow some techniques of time management, like setting our goals and priorities, making schedules and making calendar notes etc. When we know how to manage our time it helps us to be more productive.

Similarly, if we know we have achieved the targets we had set for ourselves for the day, we can spend our free time in a relaxed manner with a lot of satisfaction. With the skill of time management, we can spare some free time for amusement as well as hobbies and interests of ours and others too.

 Hence, I would like you all to start learning this skill the very today step by step. This will help you to become the successful architect of your bright future!

Thank You all for listening to me patiently!


It has been the talk of the town that behaviour of youngsters is changing due to their excessive use of mobile phones. You have been asked to speak in your school on this topic.

Good morning honourable Principal, beloved teachers and all dear friends! Today, I am going to talk about the harms caused by an excessive use of mobile phones.

Today’s generation is over obsessed with mobile phones. We can see that people are always seen with mobile phones holding into their hands. Mostly, today’s youth is crazy for mobiles. They can’t manage without phones. Youngsters always peep through social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, and many more. They don’t have time to talk to their dear ones as well. Hence, communication gap is increasing day by day resulting in disturbed relationships.

Students do not pay attention to their studies, keep playing games on phones as if they are addicted to the phone. They get easily distracted by the beep of phone. Even we have heard so many cases of accidents, occurred due to mobile phones only. Short-temperedness has increased in youngsters owing to the overuse of mobiles.

Using mobiles is not bad, but using it excessively is bad. It is said ‘Moderation in everything’. We must use mobiles properly and only when it is necessary. In old times, people did not have phones, so they had enough interactions with each other regularly and they were connected with each other so affectionately, that’s what we are missing out at recent times.

That’s all. Thank you very much!


Write a speech that you will deliver in your school, describing why ‘Holi’ is played and how it should be played.

Good morning honourable Principal, beloved teachers and all dear friends! Today, I am standing before you all to highlight the importance of celebrating ‘Holi’.

First of all, let me make it clear as to why we celebrate ‘Holi’ and how should we play it. ‘Holi’ celebrations start on the night before ‘Holi’ with a ‘Holika Dahan’ (Holika Cremation) where people gather to perform certain religious rituals before a bonfire and pray for the destruction of evil.

 The next day the colourful festival of ‘Holi’ is celebrated wherein people smudge each other with colours and water. People visit family and friends to celebrate this colourful festival with them. That is how this festival should be celebrated. Applying colours forcibly and throwing water-filled balloons on strangers, especially women and small children is not good at all. This festival of colours is full of purity and joy. So, we must spread joy among all instead of harassing others.

Towards the end, I would like to highlight that the aim of playing ‘Holi’ is to promote universal fraternity and unity. Let’s play the next ‘Holi’ keeping this aim in mind all the time, then only the celebration will be meaningful in the true sense.

Thank you all!

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