Home Maharashtra State Board Std.11 (Std.11-State Board) 2.1 CHERRY TREE- Pictorial Presentation

(Std.11-State Board) 2.1 CHERRY TREE- Pictorial Presentation


useful expressions in speaking english-1

Std.11=Poem-CHERRY TREE-A Pictorial Presentation2_page-0002

Std.11=Poem-CHERRY TREE-A Pictorial Presentation2_page-0006

Std.11=Poem-CHERRY TREE-A Pictorial Presentation2_page-0007Std.11=Poem-CHERRY TREE-A Pictorial Presentation2_page-0008Std.11=Poem-CHERRY TREE-A Pictorial Presentation2_page-0009Std.11=Poem-CHERRY TREE-A Pictorial Presentation2_page-0010Std.11=Poem-CHERRY TREE-A Pictorial Presentation2_page-0011Std.11=Poem-CHERRY TREE-A Pictorial Presentation2_page-0012Std.11=Poem-CHERRY TREE-A Pictorial Presentation2_page-0013Std.11=Poem-CHERRY TREE-A Pictorial Presentation2_page-0014ICE BREAKERS & BRAINSTORMING ACTIVITIES WILL BE ADDED SOON…

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  1. Nice way to present the poem that created a picture in front of the readers’ eyes. Readers like students can remember the poem for long period of time due to pictorial presentation.

  2. Very nice presentation of poem with pictorial beauty.with the help of it students understand better and they imagine the wonder of nature.


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