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Homophones & Homographs

Homophones and Homographs
What is Homophone?

Word that sounds the same but different in meaning or spelling is called Homophone.

buy: to get something by paying money
by: beside, very near

dear: highly valued
deer: a wild grass-eating animal

heel: the rounded back part of the foot
heal: to be comforted again

night: the time of day between sunset and sunrise
knight: a warrior, especially of the Middle Ages


What is Homograph?

Word that is spelt like another word but has a different meaning or pronunciation is called Homograph.

bat: a small animal
bat: a piece of wood used to play cricket

lead: to be at the head
lead: a type of metal

date: a particular day of the month
date: a musical performance

book: a bundle of printed papers
book: to make arrangement 


What is Homonym?
Word that is spelt and pronounced like another word but has a different meaning is called Homonym. It may be used to refer to either homophone or to homograph.



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