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Quantifiers are commonly used in English language. Quantifier is a word or phrase which is used before a noun to specify the amount, degree or quantity of something. They are dissimilar from numbers because they point out an estimated amount rather than correct amount. They can be arranged according to their use.

Quantifiers can be used with a noun (as a determiner) or without a noun (as a pronoun).
They can be used with both Countable and Uncountable Nouns. Generally, quantifiers answer the questions How many? and How much?


a number of A number of people attended the ceremony.
I supported a number of poor people.
a great number of A great number of varieties are available in the shop.
We failed to reach to a great number of citizens.
a large number of A large number of people were present.
Teachers selected me from a large number of students.
a couple of A couple of failures help to make us wise.
I visited the museum a couple of years ago.
a few A few of his essays were selected by experts.
Can you spare us a few minutes?
a lot of
A lot of scholars attended the seminar.
There are a lot of cows in the byre.
He hasn’t received any mails.
Has the school got any whiteboards?
both Both teams qualified for Final.
My brother is both kind and handsome.
each Each employee is efficiently working.
The mechanic inspected each part of the car.
either Either day is good for me.
We can follow either path to the farm house
either of We learnt nothing more from either of them
We will use either of the students’ PC’s for the test.
every Every student needs computer education.
There’s a bus every 15 minutes.
few Few students still can’t read properly.
There were few patients in the hospital.
lots of
Lots of  people went to the beach.
Smith speaks lots of languages.
many Many tourists will surely come this year?
We don’t have many magazines.
most of Most of the students ask questions.
It is observed by most of the visitors.
none of None of the children are using computer.
I know none of the three men.
neither Neither orange is juicy enough for him.
Neither student was allowed to use the calculator.
several Several of them are speaking fluently.
There are several books in my own library.
Some of them are really intelligent.
I have some good friends in UK.


a bit Wait a bit. I am coming back soon.
George is a bit disturbed.
a little He had a little juice and nothing else.
There is a little water in the jug.
a lot of This month, I plan to do a lot of study.
I spent a lot of money in online trading.
a great deal of I spent a great deal of time in designing.
My brother has a great deal of artistic sense.
a large amount of They wasted a large amount of energy in writing.
Smith got a large amount of support.
a large quantity of A large quantity of medicines provided to them.
They had consumed a large quantity of milk.
any There isn’t any juice.
Is there any milk in the refrigerator?
little There is little hope of finding your bag.
We had little money to spend.
lots of Lots of rain falls in monsoon.
The teacher gave us lots of homework.
much Much changes was due to the unity of them.
David doesn’t know much about computer.
some Can you get me some milk?
I need some help from you now.


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