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Positive Thinking for Creative Life…

Positive Thinking for Creative Life

“Millions of matchsticks are
made from one tree,

But one matchstick can
burn millions of trees.”

Similarly, one negative thought Can tarnish our thousands of dreams.

The main factors of success are self-confidence, determination and hard work, a catalyst works on all of these, that is our own thinking, from which we get positive or negative energy for work. In all the creatures of the world, God has made man the only one who has the ability to think and understand, this can be a boon for man, as well as a curse.

Our thinking is of two types: positive and negative. Positive thinking generates energy within us which increases our ability to work manifold, while negative thinking reduces our ability to work. The percentage of our success in our life depends on our own thinking. A person with positive thinking is rich in successful personality and earns respect and prestige in the society. People like to meet him because by meeting him there is a flow of positive energy in the people, the mind gets relaxed whereas people do not like the company of a person with negative thinking.

Positive thinking inspires a man to remain stable even in adverse circumstances and he gets success soon in solving his problem. In fact, life is like a road on which it is necessary to walk because without it work does not work, but to walk on it one has to walk avoiding potholes, turns, speed breakers, intersections etc. Similarly, it is better to cross the road of life with a positive attitude. The word impossible has no place in the life of a positive thinking person.

Unprecedented inventions by any scientist are possible only as a result of his tireless hard work as well as his positive thinking. Positive thinking also plays an important role in keeping us healthy, while negative thinking always creates tension and disappointment in our lives. Due to positive thinking, we can stay free from diseases caused by stress and anxiety. Positive thinking leads us towards progress.

Our thoughts have a profound effect on our lives. Our thoughts keep affecting our personality every moment. Maintaining peace of mind even in adverse environment is the result of our positive thinking. Research done by Howard University has found that good thinking of man leads to discharge of 1200 chemicals in our brain which are beneficial for physical and mental health.

Important things to maintain positive thinking:

  • We should always be with positive thinking people.
  • Believe in yourself
  • Being a believer, having faith in God, pray daily and read good books.
  • When negative thinking dominates, try to divert your attention so that the power to think remains.
  • Understanding the variability and dynamism of time in adverse circumstances, wait for good times again and try to stay away from worry.
  • Do take out time for yourself even in this busy life, for this do your favorite work. Get out of the magical world of social media, increase interaction with your loved ones and become social.
  • Learn to enjoy life on your own keeping in tune with the thoughts of family and new generation to a certain extent. This will reduce the annoyance that is happening here and there and there will always be a ray of hope in life.
  • Always avoid finding faults in others and doing bad things to them. On the contrary, try to focus your attention on their qualities.
  • Always be a good listener.
  • Make Yoga, physical exercise, excursion, cycling etc. a part of life.

To achieve success in life, continuous efforts are required. We will also need to try continuously to maintain positive thinking. Our social relationships, our good health and our success and positive thinking complement each other.

When a bird trusts its wings, the whole sky becomes its own. Believe in your hard work, one day only your name will be everywhere. Definitely, positive thinking makes our life rather creative and ingenious!!!

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